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Название: All my life
Исполнитель: Mustafa Sandal
Альбом: Seven
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский
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    All my life ( in my life) It's my life ( oh oh yeah) People thought that I was wrong and I know they didn't believe me I knew that I would carry on and I knew that they would see I made a wish for a star and that I had my dreams Hoping I'll go far 'cause it's all that I need All my life I'd been waiting to show the world cause it's my life gonna let you know just what I'm made of and now that I see my destiny must have been waiting here for me cause I'm gonna make it right It's my life And I think to myself I've been longing fot this moment I feel I've got nothing left But I don't want nothing else Cause I know that my time has finally come And I only hope that I'll be the one I'm standing here I made it this far And I know I will never be the same again I close my eyes I can feel the changing rise within they call my name they call my name

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