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Название: Frederick
Исполнитель: Natalie Cardone
Альбом: Nathalie Cardone
Год: 1999
Язык: Испанский

    Hi Hello, A wake from thy sleep. God has given Your soul to keep All of the power That burns in the flame Ignites the light In a single name. Frederick Name of care, Fast asleep In a room somewhere. Guardian angels Lay a bed Shed your light On my sleepy head. High on a tresh hold. Yearning to sing, Down with the dancers Having one last fling. Here's the moment When you said hello Cover my spirit, Are you ready, let's go. Hi, hi, Hey, hey, Maybe I will come back Some day now. But tonight, On the wings of a dove, Up above To the land of love. Now I lay me Down to sleep Pray the lord My soul to keep, From kiss to kiss, From breath to breath, My soul surrenders Astonished to death. Night of wonder, Promise to keep, Set our sails, Channel the deep. Capture the rapture Two hearts meet Combine, entwine In a single beat. Frederick, You're the one As we journey From sun to sun. All the dreams I've waited so long For on our flight tonight So long, so long. Bye, bye Hey, hey May be we will come back Some day now. But tonight, On the wings of a dove, Up above To the land of love. Frederick, Named of care High above With sky to spare. All the things I've been dreaming of All expressed In this name of love.

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