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Название: Trynna Finda Way
Исполнитель: Nelly Furtado
Альбом: Whoa, Nelly!
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    I left my heart in San Francisco with some club kids on a crowded street somewhere The sky was red and he said, "would you like to come be a part of my North American Dream?" I could try to chase life down, down the street and I'd find the separation of fact and fiction Chorus: I'm trynna finda way I'm trynna finda right And if I budge I just might I'm trynna finda way I'm trynna finda right And if I budge I just might I left my conscience somewhere with my rhythm I heard about it from the mouth of a man He was hopping some trains and combing the land Looking for a lover (kiss) planted in the east Trying to run from the dreaded fist beast And it lies, it lies in the picket fence call It was my own paradise with my own private corridor Chorus So I'm dancing to a new beat and it came to me in bed My veins became a strain of light that I let to flow instead And a wish came to me like Peter Pan at my window and said Evolve your destiny child and you'll never walk alone-no You'll never walk alone, but Travel to the land of surrender till' you can't cry no more Till you can't, till you can't And you'll never walk alone all this inspiration is passing me by all I can do is chill when I really wanna fly and this pollution do nothing but dirty up my mind faster than forever in the blink of an eye to see past my lethargy is hard I feign the beauty of my youth is gone but the chemicals remain Chorus I travel to this land of surrender but I see it's all over me, over and over again...and I try and I try and I try...an angel on my left side and a devil on my right..and they fight and they fight and they fight..they're fighting, they're fighting, they're fighting for my attention...hello? You have my attention...Do I have your attention?...Can I have your attention please?...please, you've made such such an impression on me

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