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Название: She Is My Sin
Исполнитель: Nightwish
Альбом: Bestwishes
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    Take heed, dear heart Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you Dressed as one A wolf will betray a lamb Lead astray the gazers The razors on your seducing skin In the meadow of sinful thoughts Every flower`s perfect To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear A sin for him Desire within A burning veil For the bride too dear for him A sin for him Desire within Fall in love with your deep dark sin I am the Fallen You are what my sins enclose Lust is not as creative As its discovery To paradise with pleasure haunted by fear A sin for him... Bless me, undress me Pick your prey in a wicked way God I must confess... ....I do envy the sinners

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