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Название: The Riddler
Исполнитель: Nightwish
Альбом: Bestwishes
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    Riddler Riddler ask me why The birds fly free on a mackerel sky Ask me whither goes the wind Whence the endless tick-tick stream begins Make me guess if the earth is flat or round Set a guessing if fantasies are unbound If tales aren't just for children to see That it's peace if sleep walks with me As you wish For kingdom come The one to know all the answers You think you dwell in wisdoms sea Still sweet ignorance is the key To a poet's paradise Challenge the Riddler and you will see... Riddler Riddler ask me why All mothers beneath the Earth and sky Hold their children's hands for a while Their hearts forever - yours and mine Make me wonder what's the meaning of life What's the use to be born and then die Make me guess who's the one Behind the mask of Father and Son As you wish... For nature hates virginity I wish to be touched Not by the hands of where's and why's But by the Oceans' minds As you wish...

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