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Ќазвание: Whoever Brings The Night
»сполнитель: Nightwish
јльбом: Dark Passion Play
√од: 2007
язык: јнглийский

    We seduce the dark with pain and rapture Like two ships that pass in the night. You and I - a whore and a bashful sailor. Welcome to a sunrise of a dirty mind. [Chorus:] All your love is a lie, You're one-night butterfly. Hurt me, be the one Whoever brings the night. The Dark created to hide the innocent white, the lust of night. Eyes so bright, seductive lies Crimson masquerade where I merely played my part Poison dart of desire. [Chorus] Choose a bride tonight, a fantasy for a zombie. Hurt me - I love to suffer. Your harem's a dream for free. Enter, Suck from us and live forever. Rotten beauty Will haunt you for a lifetime. Come with me under water And drown to despise me no more. Unholy, unworthy, My night is a dream for free. [Chorus x2]

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