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Название: Everything In Time (Los Angeles)
Исполнитель: No Doubt
Альбом: Everything In Time
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    She asked how we are She asked If I was all weird again And of course I am But I'm trying really hard So I lied to her And I was wearing this prisoner face So deep inside she had to know Once again I've lost control For everything, there is a reason Everything, I hope in time, will come Lying in your bed I am a refugee you try to love But the love that he killed Keeps coming back and haunting me Am I wasting all of your time And all my cute days on regrets? Is it healthy that we met? Everything always in time will show Then we will know it will show Everything always in time will come Is it wrong holding in on too much? To my best friend, my faded lover? Who knows? Cinderella Hope And it's all because he made me laugh Coincidence or fate Running towards a catastrophe Save me Everything always in time is gone It'll be gone, we'll be gone Everything always in time will come Oh it will come, it will come For everything there is a reason I believe for everything there is a reason And everything always in time will come

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