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Название: Israel
Исполнитель: Nouvelle Vague
Альбом: Non-album songs
Язык: Английский

    Little orphans in the snow With nowhere to call a home Start their singing, singing Waiting through the summertime To thaw your hearts in wintertime That's why they're singing, singing Waiting for a sig To turn blood into wine The sweet taste in your mouth Turned bitter in its glass Israel, in Israel Israel, in Israel Shattered fragments of the past Meet in veins on the stained glass Like the lifeline in your palm Red and green reflects the scene Of a long forgotten dream There were princesses and there were kings Now hidden in disguise Cheap wrappings of lies Keep your heart alive With a song from inside Israel, in Israel Israel, in Israel There's a man who's looking in And he smiles a toothless grin Because he's singing, singing See some people shine with glee But their song is jealousy Their hate is clanging, maddening In Israel Will they sing Happy Noel In Israel, in Israel In Israel, in Israel In Israel Will they sing Happy Noel Israel, Israel...

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