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Название: Pay The Man
Исполнитель: Offspring
Альбом: Americana
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    See the way the wind blows Lives are intertwined Watch the way the world goes The man deals out our plight Jester in the corner Laughs without a sound Jester in the corner Malady abounds In our souls See the way the sun sets Twilight of this life The man is making little bets Playing with our lives All that I believe now Anything is possible A simple explanation For the evil in this world And in our souls In our souls Come down to sorry and sable It's always the man Always keeping you down Bow down cause I see it before me Shadow and light That always keeps you running Shut up you talk too much Pay the man Shut up you talk too much Look at you and your struggle for freedom But you ain't nothing We all pay the man for living Wouldn't it be nice for a change now To be unchained My life is for me now But this is life Pay the man Shut up you talk too much Pay the man Shut up you talk too much

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