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Название: Don't Call Me Madam
Исполнитель: Olivia Ruiz
Альбом: Miss Météores
Год: 2009
Язык: Английский
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    Lately I've seen some changes around me Winds have shifted quite suddenly Still I try to stay calm I inhale deeply and force a smile 'Cause boys lately have called me Madam Boys lately have called me Madam Not a color changed in my wardrobe Since your affair with Woody Strode I still can spread my teenage style I've been known to wave a certain charm Boys lately have called me Madam {x2} Well I don't claim for eternal youth But study quickly the turn of that mouth It's fast and sugared as a clementine And somehow addictive as lemon-lime How dare you call me Madam ? {x2} Well tell me now, would you feel better To see a gold ring around my finger ? Would it make you dress up on your hind ? Legs, would it drive you out of you mind Then ? Maybe you could call me Madam Maybe you could call me Madam Please stranger dear, agree and nod And come and greet that Spanish blood Forget the steps and dance awhile You won't feel danger into my arms I'll make you forget you called me Madam {x2} Call me ! Don't call me Madam {x4}

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