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Название: Someone To Save You
Исполнитель: One Republic
Альбом: Dreaming Out Loud
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    Patience Took you for everything Looked like a diamond ring You are so much longer That made sense Apathy in disguise Crept on you like a spy Hurt you in ways You can't describe Back to the start now I wont let you go this way now Honesty Is what you need It sets you free Like someone to save you Let it go But hurry now Theres undertow And I don't want to lose you now All right Sit down and spill your heart Lets start from the very start Cause i can see by your eyes You're wasted Your energy comes and goes You taking your time, you know Nothing can change what happened, you know Now Now Oh my Look at your bright stars fade so How much can you take? Na Na Na Na Na Na Na I said to save you Save you Save you Someone to save you What you need is Someone to save you

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