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Название: Stop Looking
Исполнитель: Papa Roach
Альбом: Getting Away With Murder
Год: 2004
Язык: Английский

    Hit or miss, fuck a fight It's time to live your life Go ahead, I know I'm right I'm gonna lay it on the line Put yourself in my shoes Would you stand up for your rights Line em up and knock em down I'm not running scared tonight I have found these walls before and I'm not scared anymore theres a time to lead and to follow Because I won't take this anymore (these walls) I found these walls before (these walls) theres a time to lead and to follow (these walls) I see the walls closing in And I feel like I'm in danger My enemy is not alone In the mirror, theres a stranger As I tried to break out My panic led to fear Hopeless, I am alone I'm afraid the end is near The truth doesn't always have to hurt Stop looking Stop seeing NOW Right Now x2 The truth doesn't always have to hurt

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