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Название: Space In My Heart
Исполнитель: Patricia Kaas
Альбом: Tour De Charme
Год: 1993
Язык: Английский

    All i really want to do is get You babe and hold you tight Never let you go I promise you To close my eyes and wait A while And still find you there Caring about me instead of Just wasting my time I gave you my heart, Ooh baby Was that not enough Chorus: There's a space in my heart Waiting for you, yes there is When you've found where You're going I'll be there too, yes i will I guess i never told you that I love you But each moment was wrong And i would die If i never get a chance to show You how strong I gave you my heart, yes i Did babe Was that not enough for You baby Chorus Going to find a way Find a way to make you mine

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