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Название: In Denial
Исполнитель: Pet Shop Boys
Альбом: Nightlife
Год: 1999
Язык: Английский

    Neil: In denial, no my life's a trial I'm not denying that every Little bit hurts It's a problem that I'm not solving Don't mind admitting I feel like quitting this job For a while getting away Before it gets any worse today Kylie: You're in denial, and that is final You're not admitting You should be quitting all these Queens and fairies And muscle marys The rough trade boyfriend Who in his pathetic own way Denies he's gay Why can't you see This is a fantasy world Neil: Think I'm going mad How'd you know if you're going mad Kylie: Look at me I'm lonely Neil: Look at me I'm sad I'm not denying I could be trying A little harder To deal with some of this stuff Kylie: Know what I'm thinking Less drugs and drinking No cigarettes and you'd feel A little less rough Neil: Is that enough My life is absurd I'm living it upside down Like a vampire Working at night and Sleeping all day A dad with a girl Who knows he's gay Both: Can you love me anyway

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