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Название: Love Is A Catastrophe
Исполнитель: Pet Shop Boys
Альбом: Release
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Love is a catastrophe Look what it's done to me Brought me down here so low Stranded, nowhere to go No concentration just rerunning conversation trying to understand how I fell into this Quicksand What happens next? With life I'm unimpressed Pain like a cutter's knife Never been lonelier in my life Who issued the instruction for this mad act of destruction? An end to equilibrium Fate laughs.' Look what we've done to him! High wind through the trees Falling November leaves A weak sun hanging low Summer seems so long ago All my former dreams tender romantic schemes revealed as so naive To think I could believe In love as the kindest law not as a declaration of war on my life and sanity Now I know at last for me love is a catastrophe

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