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Название: You Choose
Исполнитель: Pet Shop Boys
Альбом: Release
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    He's gone You've lost Stay behind and count the cost You try You lose You don't fall in love by chance You choose It's a decision made over time Should you take a risk and start to climb the steepest hill only to find halfway there you've been left behind? Choosing to love is risking a lot and trying to change and to give all you've got But don't pretend it comes out of the blue You take a chance and see it through and if it's refused what can you do? Continue hopefully? Start anew? Lick your wounds Buy your booze You won't get drunk by accident You'll choose Don't blame him for refusing your bid He didn't decide to love You did Learn the lesson Take the blows You didn't fall in love by chance You chose Play the sad songs Sing the blues You don't fall in love by chance You choose

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