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Название: Last to know
Исполнитель: Pink
Альбом: Try this
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский
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    [Chorus] Why was I the last to know That you weren't coming to my show you coulda Called me up to say "good luck" You coulda called me back you stupid fuck Why was I the last to know? [Verse 1] First date, we ate sushi and It went well, I was funny and You said I was a cutie That's the last thing I heard from you I left the tickets at the door for you I had to tell my mom that there was No more room You didn't show, that was so uncool You coulda called me back So i guess this means that we're Not friends anymore, I heard It's me you're asking for, I thought I'd see you at the show You said you'd go [Chorus] [Verse 2] After the date, I wouldn't go Home with you I wouldn't put my heels in the Air for you You tried to get me to do things I just won't do Last I heard from you Here is how I guess the story goes You woulda came if I was a ho F*** for parts that's just not how I roll, move it on down the road So I guess, we, shouldn't be Friends anymore, sick of hearin' That it's me you're askin' for 'Cause I thought I'd see you at the Show, you said you'd go! [Chorus] You thought you know me I guess you didn't You thought you had me I think you didn't You thought you knew me But you didn't [Chorus (Out)]

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