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Название: Song To Say Goodbye
Исполнитель: Placebo
Альбом: Meds
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    You are one of God's mistakes, You crying, tragic waste of skin, I'm well aware of how it aches , And you still won't let me in. Now I'm breaking down your door, To try and save your swollen face , Though I don't like you anymore, You lying, trying waste of space.. Before our innocence was lost, You were always one of those , Blessed with lucky sevens , And the voice that made me cry . My Oh My. You were mother nature's son , Someone to whom I could relate , Your needle and your damage done, Remains a sorted twist of fate. Now I'm trying to wake you up , To pull you from the liquid sky , Coz if I don't we'll both end up , With just your song to say goodbye. My Oh My. A song to say goodbye, A song to say goodbye , A song to say... Before our innocence was lost, You were always one of those, Blessed with lucky sevens, And the voice that made me cry. It's a song to say goodbye.

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