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Название: Anything
Исполнитель: Plain White T's
Альбом: All That We Needed
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    I see your face In the frame on my desk It meant alot Now it means alot less It's just a place For the dust in my room to rest I see the letters That were written for me They said you cared And i totally believed They didnt mention That five months later you'd leave You could've told me anything To make me understand I see the bracelet You gave me way back then Made it for me So I'd never forget It must have worked 'Cause I haven't forgotten you yet I see the bed Where we used to mess around We'd talk for hours Before you'd go down That was before You decided not to keep me around You could've told me why you had to go I try to tell myself just let it go But I see your face, it's everywhere I go

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