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Название: Meet Me In California
Исполнитель: Plain White T's
Альбом: Big Bad World
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    I knew that this was wrong as I Stood reaching for the bedroom light But she turned me on So I turned it off Every man has got his flaws His breaking point, his sacred cause And I had mine But I crossed that line Now I could never ask you to Forgive me for the things I do But if you ever need me You know where I'll be Meet me in California I'll be there waiting for your call I'll be there waiting for you 'cause you know in California There's something better for us all Meet me in California This night was like a bible verse With pages torn and missing words Condemning me And I'm on my knees I wish that I could start again Peel the past like sunburned skin Right off of me But it's not that easy I don't wanna say goodbye And I don't wanna make you cry I just wanna see you smile again 'cause everything I used to be Is waiting over there for me This is a beginning not an end

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