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Название: Stop
Исполнитель: Plain White T's
Альбом: Stop
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    There's no need to argue you think you're always right I won't even bother, it's just another fight You always have it your way, but someday You'll see it's not about how much you pay Daddy's gonna buy you the world 'Cause that's what you want But that won't make you happy, baby It's only gonna drive you crazy You'll keep on wanting more and more and more You won't be satisfied So just Stop, Stop playin' around I'm ready to take you home and make it real again So just Stop, Stop playin' around I'm ready to give you the feeling that you've been dying for Don't say the word maybe 'cause it always means no But I'm keeping my hopes up that someday you'll grow up All the things you need in life they're not for sale Everything you need's right here and it's for free Everything you need's right here and it's little old me So just Stop

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