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Название: More
Исполнитель: Poets of the Fall
Альбом: Revolution Roulette
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский
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    Yeah decency, she done left our home On her rollerskates, so I guess she's pretty far gone Left me with my greed, to answer for my own For how could a deadened sense tell right from wrong So thanks for nothing I ain't feeling the magic Kinda comic how I got tragic Mirror mirror on the wall What do you give someone ho has it all More, just to be sure I got what I wanted, so naturally I want more What I paid for, entertain me now All I want is more, cos I like it Too good to let it go, keep it coming Cos I want more, cos I'm not sure What I really wanted, so all I want is more Yeah modesty, her rule now overthrown Packed her teddybear, so as not to go alone Left me with my pride to live beneath a stone For how could an amputee ever pick a bone So tell me something, isn't this a bit drastic My smiles are turning to plastic Mirror mirror on the wall What's the secret for staying droll You know it isn't particularly funny Killjoy walks in just when it's turning sunny Killjoy lives like it's all about the money All about the money, all about the money All about the money, all about the money

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