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Ќазвание: The Hitman
»сполнитель: QUEEN
јльбом: Innuendo
√од: 1991
язык: јнглийский
ѕрослушать песню:

    I'm the hitman Stand aside I'm the hitman I want your life Ain't no escaping Don't run and hide There goes the neighbourhood I'm gonna kill for your love Hitman Now don't you cry I'm just it man And you might get fried Gun in my pocket Don't get me wrong I'll be your hitman - a fool for your love I'm the head shredder - That's better - Baby baby baby I'm a hitman - hitman - hitman Yeah - trouble in the East, troubled in the West Struggle with the beast - what a thief, what a pest Come back mother / Nuke that sucker Yeah - yeah - yeah I'm the hitman - that's the way to do it I'm your prize But this hitman - Can cut you down to size Love me (baby) Don't be so cool Love me love me baby I've been to the hitman school Yeah - yeah You're gonna make my day Gonna blow you away Now the fun begins Hitman Are you ready for the sting Gonna waste that thing Hitman is kind

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