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Название: "All Dead, All Dead" (May)
Исполнитель: QUEEN
Альбом: News of The World
Год: 1977
Язык: Английский

    Memories, my memories How long can you stay To haunt my days She came without a farthing A babe without a name So much ado about nothing Is what she'd try to say So much ado my lover So many games we played Through every fleeted summer Through every precious day All Dead All Dead All the dreams we had And I wonder why I still live on All Dead All Dead And alone I'm spared My sweeter half instead All Dead And Gone All Dead... All Dead All Dead At the rainbow's end And still I hear her own sweet song All Dead All Dead Take me back again You know my little friend's All Dead And gone All Dead and gone Her ways are always with me I wander all the while But please you must forgive me I am old but still a child All Dead All Dead But I should not grieve In time it comes to everyone All Dead All Dead But in hope I breathe Of course I don't believe You're dead And gone All Dead And gone

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