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Название: "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll"
Исполнитель: QUEEN
Альбом: Queen
Год: 1973
Язык: Английский

    Had to make do with a worn out rock and roll scene The old bop is gettin' tired need a rest Well you know what I mean Fifty eight that was great But it's over now and That's all Somethin' harder's coming up Gonna really knock a hole in the wall Gonna hit ya grab you hard Make you feel ten feet tall Well I hope this baby's gonna come along soon You don't know it could happen any ol' rainy afternoon With the temperature down And the juke box blowin' no fuse And my musical life's feelin Like a long Sunday School cruise And you know there's one thing Every single body could use Modern times rock and roll Modern times rock and roll Get you high heeled guitar boots and some groovy clothes Get a hair piece on your chest And a ring through your nose Find a nice little man who says He's gonna make you a big big star Stars in your eyes and ants in your pants Think you should go far Everybody in this bum sucking world Gonna know just who you are Look out

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