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Название: "Brighton Rock"
Исполнитель: QUEEN
Альбом: Sheer Heart Attack
Год: 1974
Язык: Английский

    Happy little day, Jimmy went away Met his little Jenny on a public holiday A happy pair they made, so decorously laid 'Neath the gay illuminations all along the promenade "It's so good to know there's still a little magic in the air I'll weave my spell" "Jenny will you stay - tarry with me pray Nothing 'ere need come between us tell me love, what do you say" "Oh no I must away to my Mum in disarray If my mother should discover how I spent my holiday It would be of small avail to talk of magic in the air I'll say farewell" CHORUS O Rock of Ages, do not crumble, love is breathing still O Lady Moon, shine down a little people magic if you will Jenny pines away, writes a letter everyday "We must ever be together, nothing can my love erase" "Oh no I'm compromised, I must apologise If my lady should discover how I spent my holidays..."

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