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Название: "Bring Back That Leroy Brown"
Исполнитель: QUEEN
Альбом: Sheer Heart Attack
Год: 1974
Язык: Английский

    CHORUS Bring back, bring back Bring back that Leroy Brown - yeah Bring back, bring back Gotta bring that Leroy Brown - back Bet your bottom dollar bill you're a playboy Daddy Cool with a ninety dollar smile Took my money out of gratitude And he git right outa town - well I gotta getty up, steady up, shoot him down Gotta hit that latitude - babe [CHORUS REPEAT] Big bad Leroy Brown he got no common sense - no, no He got no brains but he sure gotta lot of style Can't stand no more in this here jail I gotta rid myself of this sentence Gotta get out the heat, step into the shade Gotta get me there dead or alive - babe Wooh, wooh, big bad Leroy, wooh, wooh, Wooh, wooh, big bad Leroy - Brown - well [CHORUS REPEAT] Big Mama Lulu Belle she had a nervous breakdown (She had a nervous breakdown) Leroy's taken her honey chile away But she met him down at the station Put a shot gun to his head And unless I be mistaken This is what she said "Big bad, big boy, big bad Leroy Brown I'm gonna get that cutie pie" [CHORUS REPEAT] Big bad caused a mighty fine sensation Gone and got himself elected president (We want Leroy for President) Next time, you gotta hit a bitty baddy weather This time, like a shimmy, shammy leather He's a big boy, bad boy, Leroy I don't care where you get him from Bring that big bad Leroy back Want him back

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