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Название: The Power of Equality
Исполнитель: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Альбом: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Год: 1991
Язык: Английский
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    I've got a soul That can not sleep At night when something Just ain't right Blood red But without sight Exploding egos In the night Mix like sticks Of dynamite Red black or white This is my fight Come on courage Let's be heard Turn feelings Into words American equality Has always been sour An attitude I would like to devour My name is peace This is my hour Can I get Just a little bit of power The power of equality Is not yet what it ought to be (chorus) It fills me up like a hollow tree The power of equality Right or wrong My song is strong You don't like it Get along Say what I want Do what I can Death to the message Of the Ku Klux Klan I don't buy supremacy Media chief You menance me The people you say Cause all the crime Wake up motherfucker And smell the slime Blackest anger Whitest fear Can you hear me Am I clear My name is peace This is my hour Can I get Just a little bit of power (chorus) I've got tapes I've got c.d.'s I've got my Public Enemy My lilly white ass Is tickled pink When I listen to the music That makes me think Not another Motherfuckin' politician Doin' nothin' but something For his own ambition Never touch The sound we make Soul sacred love Vows that we take To create straight What is true Yo he's with me And what I do My name is peace This is my hour Can I get Just a little bit of power (chorus) Madder than a motherfucker Lick my finger Can't forget 'Cause the memory lingers Count 'em off quick Little piccadilly sickness Take me to the hick Eat my thickness I've got a welt From the Bible belt Dealing with the hand That I've been dealt Sitting in the grip Of a killing fist Giving up blood Just to exist Rub me wrong And I get pissed No I can not Get to this People in pain I do not dig it Change of brain For Mr. Bigot Little brother do you hear me Have a heart oh come get near me Misery is not my friend But I'll break before I bend What I see is insanity Whatever happened to humanity

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