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Название: Can't Stop
Исполнитель: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Альбом: By the Way
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский
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    Can't stop addicted to the shin dig Cop top he says I'm gonna win big Choose not a life of imitation Distant cousin to the reservation Defunkt the pistol that you pay for This punk the feeling that you stay for In time I want to be your best friend Eastside love is living on the westend Knock out but boy you better come to Don't die you know the truth is some do Go write your message on the pavement Burnin' so bright I wonder what the wave meant White heat is screaming in the jungle Complete the motion if you stumble Go ask the dust for any answers Come back strong with 50 belly dancers Chorus: The world I love The tears I drop To be part of The wave can't stop Ever wonder if it's all for you The world I love The trains I hop To be part of The wave can't stop Come and tell me when it's time to Sweetheart is bleeding in the snowcone So smart she's leading me to ozone Music the great communicator Use two sticks to make it in the nature I'll get you in the penetration The gender of a generation The birth of every other nation Worth your weight the gold of meditation This chapter's going to be a close one Smoke rings I know you're going to blow one All on a spaceship persevering Use my hands for everything but steering Can't stop the spirits when they need you Moptops are happy when they feed you J. Butterfly is in the treetop Birds that blow the meaning into bebop Chorus + Wait the minute I'm passing out we all lose... just like you... Far more shocking then anything I ever knew, how about you Ten more reasons why I need somebody new... just like you... Far more shocking then anything I ever knew, right on to repeat first verse Kick start the golden generator Sweet talk but don't intimidate her Can't stop the gods from engineering Feel no need for any interfering Your image in the dictionary This life is more than ordinary Can I get 2 maybe even 3 of these Come from space To teach you of the pliedes Can't stop the spirits when they need you This life is more than just a read thru

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