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Название: Good Times Boys
Исполнитель: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Альбом: Mother's Milk
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    indeed it may seem that we have strange ways but we do it with compassion and don't believe in age travel round the world gettin naked on the stage bustin' people out of their everyday cage we like to think we make a sad man happy and we like to make proud our mammy and our pappy funky young kings we sing of truth and soul we're the modern day braves with one strong hold through the world of song our boldness is exposed i'm talkin' 'bout my buddy's funk it up fishbone good good time boys make me feel good give me good times yea yea yea yea our devotion to emotion is more than evident to the minds that are open it's you we represent we hope you have enjoyed the time that you have spent one day the good time boys that might jest be president like a pack of mad hatters who come from outer space our swinging's gonna shatter every stone cold face now you may not know the exact reason why a band commands attention from the mountains and the sky makin' more that money more than money can buy i stop! and take a listen to the monsters try good good time boys make me feel good give me good times yea yea yea yea if you don't believe me you can ask john doe 'cause his heart is made of glory and his voice is made of gold he'll tell you in a minute about the men he knows he'll tell you 'bout the band called fire hose to those of you who doubt the nature of our spirit we play it out loud for everyone to hear it building up our brains with the supernatural powers we take it from the trees and the mighty watts towers aim the flame of freedom at the lames and sours we're the best of the west and the west is ours good good time boys make me feel good give me good times yea yea yea yea

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