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Название: Subway to Venus
Исполнитель: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Альбом: Mother's Milk
Год: 1989
Язык: Английский

    step right up and listen please you're gonna get it with the greatest of ease everybody gather round all aboard the underground you've got to get in before you get out and gettin' out is what it's gonna be about if you find that you are blind open your bashful mind let my band step inside and take you on a cosmic ride with honest sounds i'll paint your brain for in this song i do proclaim that once aboard this moving train i'll do my best to ease your pain slinky as my speech may be on this trip you'll ride for free this axis bold as love you see comes and goes so easily space is king or so i sing, subway to venus once aboard and feeling smooth like a liquid you will ooze into a state of mind that soothes aw be my quest inside my grove cause what i've got to give to you is gonna make you wiggle like a wiggley worm cause you deserve to wiggle and squirm life's too short to be in a hole so bust into your funkiest stroll space is king or so i sing, subway to venus take your body shake it around do the dog on the ground and if i can't make you dance i guess i'll just have to make you piss your pants space is king or so i sing, subway to venus

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