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Название: Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Исполнитель: Rihanna
Альбом: A Girl Like Me
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    (feat. J-Status) Ooh Yeah Yeah yea When you stand so close to me I'm feeling butterflies Is this the way that it supposed to be When I look into your eyes All you have to do is say my name Just a stutter more like butter Since I met you boy my whole worlds changed I can't hide this or deny this Boy you got me catching feelings Got me thinking maybe you're the one I didn't understand the reason That my heart was beating like a drum I didn't understand the meaning Then you opened up my eyes to A crazy little thing called love (A crazy little thing called love) A crazy little thing called love whoa ho yeah My best friends tell me Rihanna what's got into you I say LeAndra I can't explain These feelings I'm going through Tell me girl it's not like you to fall this way I try my best to wear a disguise But it's written on my face [J-Status] Yeah It's crazy It's amazing It's the loving that you feeling Put a tingle in your body every time you want a healing Hey Rihanna Baby girl for you missing the song yeah So tell the DJ put the pon de replay If you wanna Come on my bajun baby Let me take to Jamaica And introduce you to the real thing For the loving where you are So baby you're my number 1 my number 2 So if its loving that you want Baby you should make me your boo Don't understand the meaning This means crazy baby I try my best not to show But you know its so crazy baby Crazy little thing called love A crazy little thing called love (A crazy little thing called love) Whoa Yea

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