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Название: We Ride
Исполнитель: Rihanna
Альбом: A Girl Like Me
Год: 2006
Язык: Английский

    Ride when we ride we ride It's til the day we die When we ride we ride It's til the day we die It's real late Bout a quater to 1 Thinkin about everythang We become And i hate it I thought we could make it But im ready to scratch this Just wanna forget about it I saw the pictures And the letters she sent U had me thinkin U were out we your friends Im so foolish Hate me like im stupid Cuz i thought it was just u and i (oh) That's how i think after all the time We spent in love I see it in my mind Playing over and over again Its far and out U got me breaking down And i just can't figure out why But this is what u say Visions in my mind Of the day that we met U showed me thangs That'll never forget Took me swimming In the ocean U had my head up in the clouds Make me feel like im floating (yeah) U think im playing When u now its the truth Nobody else can do it Quite like i do All my kisses And my lovin But aint nobody Better than us I guess its over And definitely But u and i know Its not that easy To let go Of everything (everything) And start all over again Just bring this up cuz u blew it I wont forget how u do it Sweet baby This is where the game ends now somehow Might not believe u and me We can figure it out U finna make me say boy I wish that u come hold me When im lonely When i need someone to talk to U would phone me Just like everything its on me (when we ride we ride it's til the day we die) Boy u forgot about the promises U made me And now we'll let the memories Just fade away But i remember What u used to say (when we ride we ride it's til the day we die) We Ride

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