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Название: She Saw Me Coming
Исполнитель: Rolling Stones (The)
Альбом: A Bigger Bang
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    She saw me coming She saw me coming, yeah I didn't see a thing I wasn't looking I just walked into it Sucker for it, I'm a sucker Thought I was so cool She saw me coming Boy did I get screwed She saw me coming She had me dead to right Her aim was stunning I was lined up in her sites She worked so fast And she didn't mess around It was all over Before the sun goes down, before the sun goes down She saw me coming... Yeah She saw me coming She moved in for the kill She saw me coming She served up on a grill She busted in and she burglerized my soul But now the bad news: she's out on a roll She wrote the opening The middle and the end What a cast of characters Of lovers and my friends The plot was twisted There was only one result She saw me coming But the going, going got too tough She saw me coming Yeah, yes she did She saw me coming Right on the grid, right on the grid She saw me coming Oh what a stupid jerk She saw me coming She was a piece of work She must have tapped my phone She saw me coming I felt like I was cloned She saw me coming She had me on the ropes She saw me coming Took me for a dope She saw me coming Yes she did, yes she did She saw me coming

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