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Название: Dangerous Beauty
Исполнитель: Rolling Stones (The)
Альбом: A Bigger Bang
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    In your high school photo You looked so young and naive Now I heard you got a nickname The lady of the leash Well I find you on a midnight shift I bet you had your fair share of stiffs There were onerous odours I've got to admit 'Cause you're a dangerous, dangerous A dangerous beauty So plainfully plain to us You're doing your duty Who you got there in that hood, you look so fancy in those photographs With your rubber gloves on you're a favourite with the Chiefs of Staff You're doing such a wonderful job You're a natural at working with dogs Keeping everyone awake at night With a touch of the prods Well you're a dangerous, dangerous A dangerous beauty Yeah, disdainfully, painfully A bit of booty, yeah You're a dangerous, dangerous A dangerous beauty Beauty Well you're a dangerous, dangerous A dangerous beauty If I was your captain I'd put you soon to bed What I say Yeah everybody Beauty Everybody now, yeah Are you all tied up, put in a box Yeah, dangerous Giving them electric shocks I've seen the gloves coming off Dangerous If looks could be killing, I bet you shoot me now

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