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Название: Live With Me
Исполнитель: Rolling Stones (The)
Альбом: No Security
Год: 1998
Язык: Английский

    I got nasty habits, I take tea at three Yes, and the meat I eat for dinner Must be hung up for a week My best friend, he shoots water rats And feeds them to his geese Don'cha think there's a place for you In between the sheets? Come on now, honey We can build a home for three Come on now, honey Don't you wanna live with me? And there's a score of harebrained children They're all locked in the nursery They got earphone heads they got dirty necks They're so 20th century Well they queue up for the bathroom 'round about 7:35 Don'cha think we need a woman's touch to make it come alive? You'd look good pram pushing Down the high street Come on now, honey Don't you wanna live with me? Whoa, the servants they're so helpful, dear The cook she is a whore Yes, the butler has a place for her Behind the pantry door The maid, she's french, she's got no sense She's wild for crazy horse And when she strips, the chauffeur flips The footman's eyes get crossed Don'cha think there's a place for us Right across the street Don'cha think there's a place for you, In between the sheets?

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