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Исполнитель: Scorpions
Альбом: Taken By Force
Год: 1977
Язык: Английский

    I'm in love with the sunshine I'm in love with the fallin' rain Everything seems to call your name Yesterday you were leavin' Leavin' life and all your pain Everything wants you back again Wants you back again Wants you back again I found myself through you And there was love in my life I felt always naturally high And my love had a home But now my mind has started to roam You're my life giving fire And you carry all my love Through you I was so inspired You're engraved deep in my heart Heart, heart, heart My dreams recall us being one I've searched for you to be free The force of life you have always been I feel blue since you're gone You're breath of life surrounded me When can I join you to be free Join you to be free Join you to be free Wait, can this be a dream There is a voice in my head It belongs to you, it says Don't cry, no need to be sad There's a way to stay with you again It's more than you ever had And no death brings us apart Our timeless love always grows Because you are my other part I know we've never been apart Your love sets fire to my heart We'll burn the sky When it's time for me to die We'll burn the sky, oh yeah We'll burn the sky, oh yeah When it's time, time, time We'll burn the sky We'll burn the sky, oh yeah

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