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Название: Poem to a Horse
Исполнитель: Shakira
Альбом: Pure Intuition
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский
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    You're to far to bring you close And too high to see below Just hangin' on your daily dose I know you never needed anyone But the rolling papers for your grass How can you give what you don't have? You keep on aiming for the top And quit before you sweat a drop Feed your empty brain with your hydroponic pot You start out playing with yourself You get more fun within your shell Nice to meet you but I gotta go my way [Chorus:] I leave again Cuz I've been waiting in vain But you're so in love with yourself If I say my heart is sore Sounds like a cheap metaphor So I won't repeat it no more I'd rather eat my soup with a fork Or drive a cab to New York Cuz to talk to you is harder work So what's the point of wasting all my words If it's just the same or even worse Than reading poems to a horse You keep on aiming for the top

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