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Название: Queen Sized Tomb
Исполнитель: Shivaree
Альбом: Rough Dreams
Год: 2002
Язык: Английский

    Looks like somebody got murdered That's the way it looks around here I shouldn't wait for you I think it's too late for you Too many toxic tantrums Have watered down my fear Too much of your thunder Killed all my wonder for you And it's a queen sized tomb Me in my water-stained room Alone with my ends and adds Associating with the gods on my walls While you fear up portraits And forward all my calls to the moon I guess it's coming down soon Looks like some nasty weather Blew into the neighborhood Funny it was so blue I guess it followed you Well you ripped off my conclusions Like a twisted robin hood And I'm not afraid of you I'm only delayed by you And it's a queen sized tomb And the words drip from your lips like glimmering jewels And thecongregation weeps while you plagiarize the fools Ain't it a shame Nobody's got to leave home to find someone to blame

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