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Название: Lost In A Dream
Исполнитель: Shivaree
Альбом: Who's Got Trouble
Год: 2005
Язык: Английский

    I'm lost in a dream Where my love supreme Can't find me Like I care By chance to undermine My fantasy divine It's mystery that binds me there I'm Looking for a moonbeam to get lost in Everything will be beautiful and bright Cause things come out at night They're ugly And some of them bite So I'm getting lost in a dream I'm looking for a rainbow to fly over To a place where angels draw their bows It's danger heaven knows To wager My x's and o's That we could get lost in a dream I'm lost in a dream Sweet and double cream I know It sounds unfair But love's a compromise And I don't think it wise For one to be so well aware I'm Looking for a melody to hold me Waiting for the orchestra to play And if you ever stray Okay I'm happy to stay Alone ever lost in a dream I'm looking for some sunshine and some clover And a cloud to rest my head upon Can't put my finger on Just when My baby got gone Because I Was too lost In a dream

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