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Название: Lady
Исполнитель: Simply Red
Альбом: Stay
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    Your indulgence of your freedom ignores me Your freedom to express your confusion shames all of us As if being a lady will make it easier By being a lady it will make love life clearer I hope that you get what you think you want some day baby And I pray that you get the approval you're craving This beautiful lady can overtake all of us Funny this kind of lady seems to make our lives clearer [Chorus:] I could turn on a leaf and let you burn Beg you for relief when it's my turn Help me to help you help me learn Ah lady! You make life breathe easier But don't blame me if your life sheds a tear The feverish time we spend alone it soothes me But too many days spent apart alone they just confuse me Part of being a lady you love it when I miss you more And without pontificating its you I'm adorin' [Chorus] Ah Lady! Oh Lady! Crazy! Ooh Lady! Ah baby! Ooh you make me crazy!

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