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Название: The Seventh Summer
Исполнитель: Sirenia
Альбом: The 13th Floor
Год: 2009
Язык: Английский

    The vapour in my mind makes it hard to find The things in life that I lost back in time And the trail of my heart has turned all roads so dark So hard to find, so hard to overcome And all the things that I believed were true Were never roots to anything but lies To demons in disguise And all the roads that I've been strolling down Now I've found they all seem to be marooned So profoundly doomed And the vapour in my heart makes it hard to love The things in life that I used to love And the trail of my soul, has made me feel so cold So lost in life, so down and so alone Aeons are passing in the blink of an eye Moments frozen, all the years I've tried to deny Memories haunt me as the years pass me by Feel the dusk, feel the fall, feel the winter inside On the seventh summer of my life Saw you turn your back on it all, and left me far behind There's a river between us, it's become so wide I wish that you could be right here To mend my broken life

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