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Название: Beyond Life's Scenery
Исполнитель: Sirenia
Альбом: The 13th Floor
Год: 2009
Язык: Английский
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    There's a voice that speaks of time There's a growing void inside There are doors in life that I can't seem to find There's a fire in my dreams Fading day by day it seems There's a narrow path beneath the fallen leaves The years we tried to deny Still haunt us now There's a garden deep within Where all life is withering There's a fall and there's a wall and there's a sin There are nails through my heart All hope is torn apart There are footsteps leading to my epitaph I see you stand forsaken On a desolate and distant shore You have been lost for so long No one can ever take you back to how it was Down, feeling down, falling down, sinking further down Misery circles around Wane, feel the pain, gone insane and this life's to blame Seems like it's all in vain Dark, the past was dark, the present's dark, the future seems so dark Alike our hearts Deep is the sleep that life keeps beyond it's scenery What life sows, we'll never reap The years we tried to deny Still haunt us now The pain still burns deep inside As life flows by

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