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Название: Butcher's Hook
Исполнитель: Slipknot
Альбом: All Hope Is Gone
Год: 2008
Язык: Английский

    Contrite - Commercial - Arrogance - Leprosy Consume The Bitch - The Fucker - Mindless - Like A Child For Pity's Sake - I've Had All That I Can Take We Try - But In The End We'll See There Are No More Codes Only Who Is Shit / And Who's Still Free I was gonna change the world with Honor and Aggression No one listened - no one cared All they saw was misdirection GO AHEAD AND DISAGREE / I'm giving up again. I DON'T WANT YOU ANYMORE I DON'T NEED YOU ANYMORE Fingerprint of God / Your new religions covet This vessel wasn't built to last But I will live forever/ you'll never have to say surrender Because you're so part of it My total honesty has no place for Tomorrow Guilty pleasures give me pain Tell my people I CAN'T FOLLOW GO AHEAD AND DISAGREE / I'm giving up again. You'll never CENSOR me / You'd better CHERISH me My REASON has a voice / Freedom's gone but we'll always have a CHOICE My PRESENT FUTURE TENSE / It doesn't make much SENSE I'm coming after you / FUCK YOU ALL I'M THE ONLY POINT OF VIEW Violence and Dollar Signs / Another processed piece of shit You hide your fault in DIAMONDS and give away the only COST - you can't delay the inevitable LOST - don't understand the incredible path I'm losing ground - but I won't care when I go down GO AHEAD AND DISAGREE / I'm giving up again. I'M GIVING UP AGAIN

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