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Название: Party In My Head
Исполнитель: Sophie Ellis Bextor
Альбом: Shoot From The Hip
Год: 2003
Язык: Английский

    There's a party in my head Won't let me go to bed Have to stay up instead Go to the party in my head We're divorced before we're wed I'm reborn before I'm dead Straight from the mouth of Mr Ed Invited to the party in my head Stop that banging on the wall I won't turn down the noise at all I'm footloose and fancy free My head the place to be There's a party in my head I can't remember what you said The sad truth's I'm poorly bred Raised at the party in my head There's an orgy like Club Med Where everybody rocks my bed Your baby wonders where you fled Came at the party in my head Though you may call 999 They will hang up everytime It's too late they're here with me Off their heads and on the beat There's no charge the entry's free I gave the doorman a kiss, you see And all the guests mix brilliantly Cos I am them and they are me I threw away my high street cred To have a life instead Repeat the words that I just said To go to the party in your head

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