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Название: Today The Sun's On Us
Исполнитель: Sophie Ellis Bextor
Альбом: Trip The Light Fantastic
Год: 2007
Язык: Английский

    I can see you're somewhere far away Caught in another place Where nothings going right Shouldn't worry about The worst that could be When you're here beside me Don't look for troubled times Now when everything is fine So you need to fear the bad to see the good And that's the thing you do But don't let it spoil the view Of what's around you There's no rain, there's no storm Though the blue sky makes you wonder Don't you fear what will come Will come And right now we're in the sun Sure enough, seasons change But don't let today get lost 'Cause today the sun's on us Today the sun's on us You're so restless Underneath the surface Don't you think I notice It's something you can't hide When you're fighting with the tide But you've got to let it go And just accept the things you can't control Don't let your shadow spoil the view Of what's around you The years go by Stars will rise and fall Will you be by my side Though it all?

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