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Название: Bleed Together
Исполнитель: Soundgarden
Альбом: A-Sides
Год: 1997
Язык: Английский

    I know you're half awake And no hate and I know how to do it Hold the door and let it out Don't get it right or wrong No I don't get it I know you're half afraid Half amazed, all insane I know it's all a cage And all the rage And all together gone You and me we're average With simple minds and lungs, eyes and skin You and me we're hopeless We're nowhere hearts so tear it out And open it I'm giving blood tonight I don't care how, don't care why I'm giving blood tonight I'm feeling just like I could give it all [Chorus] I know you're sick and alone Mothers and suckers alike We can bleed together Show me and hand me down And hang me up alone and cold and bury me Show me and throw me out And hold me down, air me out And wear me (Repeat verse 2) (Chorus) Too altogether cool/cold Too altogether numb I know you're sick and alone I know you're sick and alone (Chorus) Come away and come with me And come around and come and see And cover up and come along Before race before the calm And he walks out and fires the gun Happy with the things he won The head of God on the wall Ahead of us the heads of us

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