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Название: My Funny Friend And Me
Исполнитель: Sting
Альбом: The imperors new groove
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    In the quiet time of evening When the stars assume their patterns And the day has made his journey And we wondered just what happened To the life we knew Before the world changed When not a thing I held was true But you were kind to me And you reminded me That the world is not my playground There are other things that matter What is simple needs protecting My illusions all would shatter But you stayed in my corner The only world I know was upside down And now the world and me Know you carry me You see the patterns in the big sky Those constellations look like you and I Just like the patterns in the big sky We could be lost we could refuse to try But we made it through In the dark night Who would those lucky guys turn out to be? But that unusual blend Of my funny friend and me I'm not as clever as I thought I was I'm not the boy I used to be because You showed me something different You showed me something pure I always seemed so certain But I was really never sure But you stayed And you called my name When others would have walked out on a lousy game And look who made it through But your funny friend and me You see the patterns in the big sky Those constellations look like you and I That tiny planet and the bigger guy I don't know whether I should laugh or cry Just like the patterns in the big sky We'll be together 'til the end this time Don't know the answer or the reason why We'll stick together 'til the day we die If I had to do this all a second time I won't complain or make a fuss Who would the angels send? But that unlikely blend Of those two funny friends That's us

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