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Название: One Day She'll Love Me
Исполнитель: Sting
Альбом: The imperors new groove
Год: 2000
Язык: Английский

    I'd never imagined before That the world could be turned on it's head I'd never have thought To be here in this place I'd never have dreamt that in love I'd be lost and so easily led I guess I was caught By that hint of a smile on her face I thought I was happy When my life was as easy as pie But that was the past Of an ignorant youth I'm falling in love with the girl But I'm forced to be living a lie And she'd never love me If she knew the truth Is it asking too much If I pray for a miracle, miracle That one day she'll love me One day she'll say I care Although he's changing day by day He finds these tender words of love Impossible to say He walks in the room And I'm never quite sure If he's trying to be somebody else I'm liking him better that he's Not his arrogant self Perhaps I'm expecting too much Of a miracle, miracle One day he'll love me One day he'll say I love you And I will love him until I die Distant Star Cast your light On my life And one by one I didn't anticipate feeling the power of love In this way And day by day We've never been closer than this And I find myself daring to pray We'll find these tender ways of love Impossible to disobey One day she'll love me One day he'll say I love you And I will love her Until the moment Our hearts stop beating And we are light

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