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Ќазвание: Perfect Love
»сполнитель: Sting
јльбом: Brand new day remix
√од: 2000
язык: јнглийский

    IТve had a question thatТs been preying on my mind for some time I wonТt be wagging my tail for one good reason It has to be a crime This doghouse never was the place for me, Runner up and second best just ainТt my pedigree I was so happy, just the two of us Until this alpha male Turned up in the January sale He wonТt love you Like I love you, It wonТt be long now before that puppy goes astray And what I like about this guy the most?Е HeТd be my favourite lamppost Devil take the hindmost Je sais que cТest dur, mais ilfaut se faire ar changement, tu vois JТai ne glige le primordial pendant trop longtemps crois moiЕ Je suis consciente, je vois bien que tu souffres, mais ca sТattenuera Car cТest dТun homme plus dТun chien donТt jТai besoin pres de moi Cesse donc de grogner, mon choix est fait cТest comme ca NТen fait pas trop, ton attitude risque de tТe loigner de moi Faut que tu comprennes, puisque tu dis mТaimer tant que ca Desormais nous sommes trois, lui toi et moi ItТs a shaggy kind of story Would I tell you if I thought it was a lie? But when the catТs away the mouse will play, I wouldnТt dish around here ThereТs something fishy round here I howl all night and I sleep all day It takes more than biscuit baby to chase these blues away IТve got a long enough leash I could almost hang myself ItТs a dogs life loving you baby But you love someone else Now heТs moved by basket IТd like to put him in a casket IТll wear my best collar to his funeral Ta mauvaise foi, jТaimerais bien que ca sТarrete Me separer de toi, aujourdТhui ca trotte dans ma tete Moi non, jТen peux plus, tu nТest qТun chien, cТest trop bete La situation mТavait ppourtant lТair dТetre des pius nette CТest clair, que je lТaime cТest un fait, ton e goisme mТinquiite Apris toutes ces soire es passe es seuis en tete a tete Chaque chose a une fin, et cТest la fin de la fete Pour toi, car bientot il nТy aura plus que lui et moi, lui et moi. To have found this perfect life And a perfect love so strong Well there canТt be nothing worse Than a perfect love gone wrong You said I wasnТt just your Christmas toy IТd always be your boy IТd be your faithful companion And I would follow you through every thick and thin DonТt need nobody else And we donТt need him

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